Seems like spring has already come and gone and we have moved on into summer here in Louisiana.  First thing up is a recap of Holly Hill.  We ended up with only 1 horse there due to mystery lameness in one of the girls horses (it’s sorted out now so be on the lookout this fall!).  Sara entered the starter division and we had a learning experience.  Silly Rico spooked at his shadow cross country that resulted in a tumble for Sara.  Super bummer, but we schooled the next day and they ran around the course with no issues! 

From there we took 9 horses over to Texas Rose in Tyler for a cross country schooling day.  We had a blast!  It was many of the girls first time being on cross country away from home and they did great!  Doodle went too and walked over some starter logs since he only started cross rails the week before that.  I was so thrilled with everyone…jumped a lot of beginner novice stuff! 

We headed to Texas Rose for the horse trials 2 weeks ago with Gwen and Macaroni and Sara and Rico in the starter.  It was HOT, but a great weekend for both girls!  I thought Sara was scored pretty harshly in the dressage, but she rode so well I couldn’t complain!  Gwen rode a good test on Macaroni despite him trying to climb into the judge’s stand at C.  We did a quick change and headed out to cross country.  It was so hot I ran a bucket of liniment and water bottles up to the finish before rushing to warmup all the while having flashbacks from my professional grooming days haha.  The girls were brilliant around cross country!  Both rode exactly according to the plan we walked and ERE finished the day with 2 double clears and both girls sitting in the ribbons overnight!  It was a long Sunday waiting for show jumping in the afternoon.  The course was super nice and we would have had another fault free day except for Macaroni having a pesky rail at the first fence.  Gwen finished in 3rd and Sara in 6th, so both of them are on to the beginner novice this fall after a summer of schooling. 

Doodle came over to Texas Rose on Sunday to school cross country with one of my other students, Annsley.  She rode the best I’ve ever seen her and she will head to the starter divisions this fall with her horse Wolf.  Doodle was an absolute star!  He just saw his first vertical and cantered his first cross rail the week of the show.  He was so brave and game!  Jumped up the beginner novice bank and cantered straight into the water, hopped right over the mock ditch (tried to drag me over a huge rolltop), and was just generally incredible!  This week he jumped his first baby oxer, so he will school all summer then go starter in September at Fleur de Leap and be officially on the market after that. 

We’ve just put together the summer/fall schedule, which I’ve included below, so if you want to join the fun give me a call!  I still have space for another horse or 2 for training or if you are looking to join ERE as an owner…contact me for details! 

Hope you stay cool this summer and remember to always enjoy the ride!

Summer/Fall Schedule:
July 3:  XC at Holly Hill (Benton, LA)
July 18:  XC at Holly Hill (Benton, LA)
Aug 1-2:  XC overnight at Lagniappe (Folsom, LA)
Aug 28:  Jumpers at Double Rainbow (Stonewall, LA)
Sept 5-6:  Dressage & Jumpers at Holly Hill (Benton, LA)
Sept 19-20  Fleur de Leap Horse Trials(Folsom, LA)
Sept 25-27:  Gala Jumpers at Serenity (Folsom, LA)
Oct 3:  Dressage at Holly Hill (Benton, LA)
Oct 24-25:  Holly Hill Horse Trials (Benton, LA)
Oct 24-25:  GB Jumpers at Serenity (Folsom, LA)
Nov 7-8:  Texas Rose Horse Trials (Tyler, TX)
Nov 21-22:  Meadow Creek Horse Trials (Kosse, TX)