December 12th Emily and Crescent made the trip over to Folsom, LA to compete in the benefit Combined Test at Training level.  It was 38 degrees and WINDY.  We had 30+ mph winds that were knocking over show jumps and generally making everyone shake and shiver.  Cream also made the trip over in compete in the Novice level.  Crescent had an okay dressage test.  We were glad to see that he behaved so well in the wind and cold.  We scored a 40 that put us in 3rd place.  Mr. Cres was ready to jump!  Cream and I put in a personal best test of 36, which is 8 points lower than we scored at Holly Hill.  She sat in 2nd place which we were thrilled with!  The organizers decided to hold off on the show jumping to see if the wind would die down.  Unfortunately, they had to make the tough call and cancel the jumping because the wind was blowing over jumps weighted down with 50lb plants.  We decided to let Crescent school around anyway and he was awesome!  Greta also got to see the video from Pine Top and we got the green light to move up to Prelim!!  We are headed to Holly Hill Farm in Benton, LA January 2-4 to school Cross Country, so I'll have a report from that soon.  Happy New Year, ride forward, and have fun!