I'm pretty sure that my New Year's resolution for 2012 was to keep this blog updated....but c'est la vie...I'll try again now that it's 2013.  As a quick update, 2012 found me leaving New York after learning a lot but not loving the weather, and moving to Virginia to work for Will Coleman.  I groomed for him and managed his barn while he was in London competing at the Olympics.  While I was there I got a call from Greta Peterson offering me the Assistant Trainer/Barn Manager position at her farm The Haven.  I rode with Greta in college, and competed her horse ButterCream.  It was a great opportunity for me to move closer to home and to begin riding more and teaching again, and to get back on the path to my personal goals with Crescent.  Suddenly I find myself very very good at packing up my whole life and fitting it like a puzzle into the back of the truck and my trailer...not sure if that's a good thing or not haha.  I have met some amazing people in my journey far north and then back south again!  I know that out of these adventures I have come away with some lifelong friends!  So that was March to August of 2012.
I hit the ground running when I got to The Haven, going cross country schooling at Poplar Place in Georgia the very next weekend.  It felt so good to be back on course and Greta was pleased with Crescent and I.  We worked a lot in the start box trying to get him calm and galloping forward without scrambling.  From there we did the full horse trials at Fleur de Leap in Folsom, LA at training level.  We decided to bump down because that show was exactly a year to the day from King Oak in Massachusetts, which was our last outing.  Crescent rocked around like we'd never missed a beat.  It was also the most calm he has ever been at the start box!  Next up was Meadow Creek Park in Texas...our big debut back at Preliminary.  Well Mother Nature had other plans....I have never seen that much rain in 24 hours.  Crescent and I suffered through a very tense and soggy and sideways raining dressage test before we made the decision to scratch and go home.  Only 1/3 of the entries completed the weekend.  So our first Prelim back was at Holly Hill...how fitting since that was the site of our first horse trials together 2 years ago!  My only goal for the weekend, was to get a NQR (National Qualifying Result).  You need 4 NQRs to move up to Intermediate.  An NQR at Prelim is dressage under 50, no jumping faults cross country, and no more than 16 jump faults in stadium.  Our dressage test was in the rain...of course...so it was a bit tense, but certainly not our worst.  The Cross Country course looked tough but doable.  I had a plan and I was gonna stick to it!! He was pretty calm in the box and came out full of running, but not scrambling!  He felt the most rideable he has ever been...I was able to just gallop and not fight with him the whole time!  Amazing feeling!!  We rocked around foot perfect!  We hit every fence out of stride...including 1 hairy moment when Cres decided to jump over the entire 10 foot mound with a log on top instead of just running up and down it...oh Crescent *shakes head*.  We had a few time penalties, but less than we've ever had.  OMG my first clean cross country at PRELIM!!!!  I was on Cloud 9!!  We had a silly stop and a rail in Stadium the next day, but it was still a NQR and I am still over the moon!  We came home with stadium homework to do for sure!
Since Holly Hill, we've been to a dressage show in November where we scored a 30% and a 31% on the Prelim A and B tests...I might have a dressage horse yet!  We also attended a jumper show in December.  I chose to do 2 classes at 3'3" and 1 class at 3'6" so that I could try out the tools we'd been working on at home....He jumped the best he ever has!!  It's a huge compliment when Greta says she is speechless about how proud she is of how you did!  Yay for doing the tough homework and it paying off!!!  
We attended a Boyd Martin clinic in Texas in January and it was amazing of course!  Love Boyd!  He just completely understands the complicated individual that Crescent is.  At the end of show jumping day he said...and this is a direct quote..."This horse is night and day different from last year.  He will definitely take you Advanced" EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!  Cross Country day Boyd gave us some good questions and capped off the ride with going through the Intermediate line in the water!!!!  So much fun!!
The plan for this spring is to do a Combined test in Folsom, LA followed by Texas Rose HT in Tyler, TX in March, then Fleur de Leap CT in Folsom and Holly Hill HT in Benton, LA in April, then the CIC 1* at Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia in May!  Updates to follow!
Until then stay warm and kick on!