So in case you were wondering…I really did make it to New York!  After 3 days of driving, driving, driving, and……….yep you guessed it…more driving, Mom, Crescent, Annabelle (my lab mix) and I made it safely to Birch Hill.  Birch Hill is a gorgeous facility.  Situated on 80 acres, it boasts a lovely 20 stall barn with attached indoor and an outdoor ring.  It also has tons of pastures and trails…even a few small cross country jumps!  Mr. Man got a warm bran mash and settled in great while we unloaded countless trips of stuff from trailer to the second story apartment.  Mom stayed 3 weeks and was a huge help getting everything settled.  The apartment is decorated within an inch of its life! 

I officially started work on July 1st.  I am doing some teaching, but am still looking for more students…hint hint.  We have room for boarders as well!!  I am also doing some training.  I have the farm owner’s daughter (Becky)’s horse, Diamond, in training while she is away at school.  Diamond is for sale.  She is a bay 5 coming 6 y/o OTTB schooling second level dressage and is learning where her feet are over fences.  I am also rehabbing Becky’s FEI dressage horse, Major, who is very cool…we are just walking right now, but will be doing more soon I hope!

As for Crescent, he has been a superstar since we got here!  We have taken a few dressage lessons from classical dressage trainer, Jennie Meyer, and the difference in him is amazing.  He is figuring how to sit down and have some contact with my outside rein.  I took him to Stoneleigh-Burnham School to run the Prelim there on July 31st.  I am surprised to see that a lot of the events are running as one days…running BN and T on Saturday and then N and P on Sunday.  So off we went to our first Area 1 event.  It was only a 2.5 hour drive…totally mind blowing to me.  I brought one of the girls from Birch Hill with me as a groom, and had Becky set up to come help me out from the ground.  When we got there he settled well, we walked the course, and then headed off for a nice dinner with Becky.  Dressage was at a reasonable time, so I walked the cross country again then braided and got on.  Warm up was on the cross country course, which totally blew my fit pony’s mind.  He could not grasp why I wouldn’t let him run and jump.  I was not thrilled with our test, because I felt like he was super tense and running.  Imagine my surprise at getting a 29.6!  My first time breaking 30!!  There were several 8’s and mostly 7’s…yay!  The show jumping was held in a very small arena and was quite tight, but was jumping well enough.  I was having a great round, but let him get a little unbalanced through the turn to the triple and he just grabbed the vertical at A… +4.  Quick change and it was time for cross country.  My impression of the course was that it was fairly straightforward, and the terrain resembled what we see at Poplar Place in Georgia.  He was full of gallop and was jumping great until we got to the water at fence #7.  It was a drop in, 2 strides, then bank out.  Simple right?  Not when it is covered in green scum and completely opaque.  Poor Crescent stopped and shook at the edge of the drop.  We were given 3 stops and the big E and I walked a very confused horse back to the stable.  I stayed and schooled the water after the event concluded and it took 10 minutes to convince him it was water and was safe to jump in.  He came away okay and now we are targeting King Oak Horse Trials September 11.  My mom is flying up to groom, video, handhold, etc.  Team ERE will be reunited and back in action! 

In other news we survived “hurricane” Irene with no damage to the farm, although the town of Granville and most of Vermont is pretty damaged.  Let me tell you we have been getting a TON of rain though.  Crescent also just had his hocks injected this week, so I can’t wait to get back on and see how he feels!  I will update y’all after King Oak….until then, hug your horse and push for connection on the outside rein!