If our sport is anything it is definitely humbling.  I was having a great week leading up to King Oak horse trials on September 11th, until I took an unexpected flying dismount from a young horse landing hard on my shoulder.  The doctor didn't find any broken bones, so off to the show I went.  Mom flew up and met us there which was a blast!  I had 2 of the best days schooling at the show grounds....he was relaxed and putting in some of the best work we've ever had.  Whats that saying about bad rehearsals mean a great show?  I think it works the other way as well...Crescent was more tense than he has ever been for the dressage phase.  Squealing and leaping in the air during warmup and not doing much better in the test.  I was disappointed, but with the one day format there was no time to dwell.  Stadium was next, and it has never been better!  We were the first in the ring, and showed everyone how it should be done!  He moved up when I asked, and also came back but kept the power when I asked for that as well!  I was thrilled!  A quick tack change and we were in the warmup for cross country.  He warmed up well and then things went wonky.  Cres decided there was no reason to leave warmup and go into the box, so we were almost a full minute behind time when we finally got out on course.  He was full of running though and jumping great!  We had a little funny moment at the coffin when he tried to bounce the ditch, but thankfully he is who he is and we were able to trot out over the "C" element.  I had a serious plan at the water, which was much better than at Stoneleigh, but sometimes even the best plans don't pan out.  As we landed over the "A" and headed to the drop into water at "B" the horse and rider after us had a fall right in our line of sight...just distracting enough to make the drop a surprise and Cres threw on the brakes...ergh.  Second attempt was perfect as was the rest of the course.  We ended the weekend with a number not a letter, although the number was higher than I would have liked.  We are getting the hang of this Prelim stuff, and I know next season we will be a force to be reckoned with.  
I have taken a few weeks off since coming back from the show to try and let a partial tear of my rotator cuff heal from the fall, so we are getting back into things soon because coming up in October we have a schooling dressage show on the 8th where Crescent and I will be tackling our first "real" dressage test, doing Second level Test 3.  We also have Eric Horgan coming to the farm for a clinic the 21st-23rd, so I am looking forward to working with him to sharpen our focus and figure out the startbox issues we've been having.
Until then, stay warm ( I hear fall is coming) and love your horse for everything he is and isn't!