Meet Emily 

Emily Jackson (Embree) has been riding since she was a little girl.  She was the kid with everything horses.  She started riding at BREC Farr Park Equestrian Center in Baton Rouge, LA when she was six.  By age seven she was taking English lessons and competing in Hunter/Jumpers.  Around age ten, Emily discovered 3 Day Eventing.  She fell in love immediately!  

Emily was a member of Cantering Cajuns Pony Club for 8 years.  She accomplished great things in Pony Club culminating with a C2 rating and a 2nd place finish at East Coast Championships in Show Jumping in 2005.  

Since then Emily has been focused on competing and furthering her skills as a rider and teacher.  Emily regularly clinics with top riders, including Boyd Martin and spent the summer  of 2010 interning at a dressage barn under Grand Prix rider Anne Hornbeak.  She trains as often as possible with Danny Moguel in Ocala, FL.

Emily graduated from Louisiana State University in Sports Commerce in May 2011.  She was Commander of her student organization The LSU Army Scotch Guard senior year.  

Emily has been very dedicated to this sport, and has worked hard to get where she is.  Emily has always had a job to help support this very expensive sport.  She worked as a lifeguard every summer through high school, and year round Senior year.  She was a working student for her childhood trainer for 7+ years.  She also worked in the business office at LSU and worked for LSU Football during college.  She taught beginner - advanced riding lessons at BREC for 2 years in college.  It was so cool for Emily to teach at the same farm she learned to ride!  

Emily moved to Granville, NY to work as Barn Manager/Trainer/Instructor.  She learned a lot, but the climate was not for her.  From New York she moved to Virginia to work for Will Coleman, member of the 2012 Eventing Olympic team.  Emily was a Groom and Barn Manager for Will, running his barn in VA while he was in England at the Olympics.  It was while working there that Emily accepted a job offer in Madisonville, LA to train and teach for a trainer she rode for in college.  It was an awesome opportunity to move closer to home and further her personal goals of competing and teaching again.  Once again, life brought Emily another cross country move, and she relocated ERE to Klamath Falls, OR for a year and a half.  In December of 2014 ERE moved back to the south, spending 5 years as the Ticket Sales Manager of Louisiana Tech Athletics and running ERE on the side.  We built up a great group of students and horses in Ruston and are excited to see them every time we can!  

ERE operates out of Stirling Farm in Folsom, LA.  Emily is available for teaching, training and coaching at events.  She is also available as a buyer or sellers agent on horse sales.  Contact us for ways to get involved! 

Emily has overcome many challenges in her life.  In high school she had scoliosis surgery, and still rides and competes with 8 rods and pins in her lower back.  She also shattered her collarbone in high school, as well as having dealt with more than her share of lameness in her horses.  

Emily loves working with young horses and seasoned competitors alike.  The same goes for her students.  There is nothing better than seeing a student "get it" for the first time!  

Emily's eventual goals are to compete at the highest level of this sport!  If you are interested in being involved as a sponsor contact Emily for more info.

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