Emily is accepting new students and horses for training.

Prices may vary depending on the location.  Below are the typical rates.

Training rides:  $50 per hour.  Vary on location and number of rides, please contact Emily for exact rates.  There are packages available.

Sales:  15% commission on buying and selling, contact Emily for exact rates

Lessons:  Vary on location.  Typically $45 on farm.

Coaching:  $45 per schooling - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Includes course walking.  Will include travel expenses split among students competing.  Contact Emily if interested in coaching at Horse Trails in areas 2, 3, and 5.

PEMF Therapy:  See PEMF Sport Horse Therapy page for details

Trailering:  $1.00 per loaded mile

Braiding:  $40/horse

Show Clean Up:  $35/horse for clipping feet, eyes, and ears.  Mane pulling additional $15

Body Clipping:  $120 for full body (discounts for multiple horses and different types of clips)

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