ERE is excited to offer PEMF Sport Horse Therapy for horses of all types!

Emily is certified with LifePULSE as a PEMF practitioner.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy heals on a cellular level to repair and replenish muscles.  After trying PEMF in the spring of 2017 and seeing the huge difference it made in our horses, Emily knew it was something we had to start offering our ERE clients.  

Each session lasts 1 hour.  We start with working the horses entire body focusing on 11 different muscle groups, then we spend the rest of the session focusing on areas of particular soreness.  We do offer shorter sessions when an injury/trauma has occurred.

Pricing:  $100 for 1 session/month, $80 for 2 sessions/month, $60 for 1 session/week, $50 for 2 sessions/week.  More packages available.  Contact Emily for setting up a custom schedule for your horse!

**discounts available for referring trainers and for owners with multiple horses**

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