Current Horses:  

Southern Reserve ERE aka Gus 

Gus is a 2014 16.1 hand dark bay OTTB gelding.  He is a grandson of Stephen Got Even, one of my favorite sires!  When I first saw the gangly 4 year old who was cantering in all of his jog videos, I don't think I thought "man this is an upper level horse" but he soon proved to us he surely is!  From his first time going XC Gus has been impressive...and expressive!  He started as a sales horse but proved to be a pro ride, and I am having a blast producing him.  He is running Training level in 2021 with an eye on a Prelim move up this winter!  Both Boyd Martin and Danny Moguel have said he is the "real deal"!  This is a horse I would love to find an owner/owners to join me on his journey! 

Truly The One ERE aka Truman

Truman is a 2015 17.2+ hand bay roan OTTB gelding.  He is by Tiz The One, a Tiznow son.  Truman was bred in Bossier City, LA by a good friend of mine.  When I saw his picture the first time he was 8 months old and I was head over heels!  I said when he was done racing I had to have him and she and her family were kind enough to follow through when he retired as a 5 year old!  I am still as smitten as the first day and he is proving to be as athletic and smart as I knew he would be.  There's just something you can feel about him.  He did his first event in August of 2021 and moved up to Novice in November!  I can't wait to see where this one goes!  He would also be available for an owner/partnership option!

Emily currently has room for 1 or more horses either with the support of an owner, or for training!

Past Horses:

Yankee Prospector ERE aka Doodle

Doodle is a 2012 16 hand (and growing) Bay OTTB gelding.  He is a grandson of Mr Prospector and a great grandson of Storm Cat on the other side.  He was bred in Louisiana at Clear Creek Stud and only raced twice.  Greta and I fell in love with his brain and he is going to be an athletic amateur ride one day!  Doodle spent the 2017 seasons competing at BN with an eye on moving up to N in the spring of 2018.  He continues to impress and is a real horse for the future!  Doodle was sold in 2018 and is now living the good life in Michigan showing locally and teaching his new rider lots about life!

Crescent City Classic aka Crescent

Emily and her mom purchased Crescent in September of 2010.  He is a 1997 16.1 hand Bay TB/Holstiener Gelding.  He is a successful Intermediate level competitor and has completed one Advanced.  He came to us from Gold Chip Stables!  Emily also thanks her mom, Donna, for helping make this dream happen.  Crescent and Emily moved up to Preliminary in 2011!  2012 was a bit of a wash with all the relocating.  2013/2014 were great years at Prelim for them, they even completed Emily‚Äôs first Intermediate!  Crescent was sold to the Fagan family in the Pittsburg area of Pennsylvania in January of 2015.  Emily loved seeing Crescent teach his new little girl about Novice and Training.  

Ally Oop aka Ally

Emily purchased Ally in May of 2008.  She is a 1999 16 hand Chestnut TB mare.  Ally is a successful and safe Novice packer.  Her dressage is always in the low 30's and she is a fun horse to ride cross country!  She is great with ditches, banks, and loves water!  Ally is enjoying life in Mobile, Alabama teaching her new owner how much fun competing can be!

Mandatory Meeting aka Mandy

Mandy was purchased for Emily in March of 2005 and we sold her in March of 2008.  She is a 17.2 hand Gray Selle Francais mare.  Mandy and Emily went to the USPC Championships in August of 2005, and placed 2nd in the nation on a 5 member scramble team.  They won the Gambler's Choice round by 3 points!  "Moo" showed Emily the ropes of Novice and Training, but ended up being just a bit too big for Emily.  Mandy is now successfully going Preliminary with her owner in Seattle, Washington!

Cueball aka Cue or Roger

Cue was Emily's "in between horse".  He was Emily's horse from September of 2004 until his death in July of 2008.  When Emily purchased Mandy in 2005, he was donated to Emily's trainer to be used for lessons, but Emily always still thought of him as hers.  He was the type of horse that made you work for everything and made you do it right, but when you did, man did he fly.  When Mandy was hurt or had a day off, Cue was who Emily got on.  He had more personality than any other horse Emily has ever known.  

On July 3, 2008, he was kicked in the pasture and suffered a compound fracture of his forearm.  Emily was there to hold his head when the vet put him down.  Cue is still greatly missed, and every time Emily sees a rainbow, she knows it is Cue just checking in.  

I've Got Rhythm aka Rhythm

Rhythm is the namesake of Elite Rhythm Eventing.  She was purchased for Emily in August of 2003 when Emily was a freshman in high school.  She was Emily's first horse!  She is a 1990 16 hand Bay TB mare.  She was the schoolmaster meant to show Emily training level safely.  After only 1 show together Rhythm tore several core lesions in her deep digital flexor tendon.  Emily did all of the rehab and tried to get Rhythm to heal until in April of 2004 it became evident this was a "career ending injury".  Emily and her mom made the tough decision to donate Rhythm to Highland Farms in Lafayette, LA to be a therapeutic riding horse.  Emily visits Rhythm every year, and for Christmas 2010 she got to ride her.  Rhythm has now moved on to teach her new owner, one of Emily's former students, the ropes of jumping!  At the ripe age of 23 they won 6th place in the 2'6" Jumper class in December!  Go Alea and Rhythm!  

In January of 2014, Rhythm was put down due to an extremely rare form of muscle cancer.  Alea and Emily's mom, Donna, were with her at the end.  Emily wouldn't be where she is without the start that Rhythm gave her...those big ears will always be missed.


Applejack was the first horse that Emily leased.  He is also the first horse Emily evented on.  He was 15 or 16 when Emily was riding him in 2000.  He was a 15.1 hand Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding. He probably taught Emily more about riding than any other horse.  He was a willing partner in crime, but he made you work for it.  He was a beast to catch out in the pasture and it often took more than an hour to catch him.  Applejack competed with his owner, Emily's trainer, when she stopped leasing him.

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